Gong-Gong and Ruth Etting

I'm having a Memory Day. First is remembering one of my grandmother's childhood friends, Ruth Etting. Ruth was born in 1896, about a year before Gong-Gong. Throughout her life she did things her way, which, no matter what my grandmother said to her, was just her thing. Often, according to my grandmother, she didn't listen … Continue reading Gong-Gong and Ruth Etting

But it’s not supposed to rain like this tonight!

Chance of rain low to zip, they said. It's raining oceans. It's thundering so loud it made quiet little Goldie bark. Gizzie is meowing in complete sentences in rapid fire succession. Electricity went out. Lily went into hiding. What a night! All is fine now. Life is full of surprises, innit? Good night. Sleep tight.

Little Miss Goldie

This is my husband's ex's dog Goldie. We end up with her frequently this time of year. She is an absolute little love. In reality, she isn't so small, but her love and respect knows no bounds. Even our remaining babycats respect her space. She respects them, too. Roger was the only one who ever … Continue reading Little Miss Goldie