My House was a Very, Very, Very Fine House

I couldn't wait until tomorrow. I'm all fired up. I am still to this day, in love with my childhood home, even though it has been removed in the interest of greed. This was it, though I think by high school age, the porch roof had been removed. Mom was on a remodeling bender most … Continue reading My House was a Very, Very, Very Fine House

Every Picture Tells a Story

This picture tells almost a complete novel. This includes our family pets, Missy, Daddy's little white rat terrier and Kapiv (Kierron), my daschund. Behind me is one of Mama's oil paintings. She patterned it after a picture of a Slavic woman she saw in a National Geographic once. Her love of stoneware crocks was displayed … Continue reading Every Picture Tells a Story

Granddaddy’s Office

Let's continue the tour of my grandparents'. Go to the kitchen. Go down three steps.Turn left, rather than right. Right will take you out the back door. Left will take you past another closet and into Granddaddy's office/apartment addition. Granddaddy began his adult years as a shop teacher. They called it manual arts back then. … Continue reading Granddaddy’s Office

You Are Special

You are special. You are infinitely, unbelievably, absolutely, once-in-a-septillion-years special. That’s right, I’m talking to you, one of the nine-point-two people reading this. You might not realize your specialness. You might not believe you are unique. You might think I am full of a plentiful substance common to barnyards and hog pens. You might think…You … Continue reading You Are Special