The Daily Schedule

I would have never thought I would be so predictable, but here we are. While I never really have "free" time, you could darn near set your hourglass by what I do. There are four specific things and all else is adaptable. Those four specific things are coffee at 6:22, noon lunch, 4:00 tea and … Continue reading The Daily Schedule

Some of Daddy’s People

I remember mentioning awhile back that I was a many great grandchild to John Lackland through my grandmother. I neglected to say which grandmother, but it was Daddy's mother. In thinking back, I see it, and the old adage about refraining from naming family characters John should have held true even in my father's generation. … Continue reading Some of Daddy’s People

Family-Related History

I have always appreciated my local history even though everybody there now is a massive cow patty mainly because of their selectivity in what they project as history. I still need to find people and places that have apparently faded into the mist, but if you know me at all, you know I'll find things. … Continue reading Family-Related History