The Story of Arthur Rackham

Look for more of his thousands of images in your browser. Arthur Rackham Born: September 19, 1867 | Died: September 6, 1939 Biography Born in Lambeth, London on September 19, 1867, Arthur Rackham was a prolific artist from a young age. Sneaking pencils into his bed to draw under the covers, he eventually resorted to drawing on … Continue reading The Story of Arthur Rackham

Middle of the Night Dreamworld

About 2 a.m. one of Arthur Rackham's illustrations came into our room and told me why my cat shirts were missing. He took them. Honestly, this made sense to me. I grew up loving the world of Rackham's fairy story illustrations. I once had a book similar to this in my childhood illustrated by him: … Continue reading Middle of the Night Dreamworld

My Little Babycat Turns 14

This little kitten-faced boy was born on this day in my clothes closet in 2008. His birthplace was in the little town of Silver City, Iowa. I named him Gizmo Tesla. He had very hairy insides to his big ears and he loved sleeping on electrical cords every chance he could. He has always loved … Continue reading My Little Babycat Turns 14