Apparently I Wrote a Book

Don't get excited. It's barely 25,483 words, and about 102 pages. It's also unpublished and unfinished. And nonfiction. I read my vents between the lines. It's an honest view of how I felt. Working title: Gimme Shelter. That still makes sense. The thing is, I thought I accidentally deleted it a long time ago. I … Continue reading Apparently I Wrote a Book

Interesting Family Conventions

Again from Gong-Gong's roster of family stories was this: Some family members were surreptitiously involved with Guy Fawkes. We weren't just religious Dissenters. We were, at times, closet political antagonists, apparently in error this time. It wouldn't be a first for us, but it appears this was a big, fat mistake. On the other hand, … Continue reading Interesting Family Conventions