Our Illinois House

This is the house in which we lived in Des Plaines, Illinois when I first hit school age in 1957. It was about 1,500 square feet with a bit of a yard and attached garage. Daddy worked for Ladendorf Motors back then. This house may have cost $15,000. It was actually sided, not brick at the time. These days they want some poor sod to cough up $370,000 or thereabouts for it.

It was close to my school. I distinctly remember it. It was under construction at one end. We used to play King of the Hill on a mound next to the play yard during recess. It should have been called a mountain, instead. I’d play on it, anyway. (Girls weren’t supposed to.) I was fearless.

Age 7

Nowadays Herzog School is called a featured cultural school. I don’t know what that means, but I know my first grade teacher was Puerto Rican, it was my first experience with learning a variation of Spanish, and we learned about Cinco be Mayo and Three Kings Day.

I had a great time there and missed it for a very long time after we moved back to Iowa. We had to for Mama. She told Daddy that if we had to stay there much longer, she would quite literally die. Daddy loved her very much, so we moved.

4 thoughts on “Our Illinois House

  1. That house kind of reminds me of the Brady Bunch house. You were a cute kid. Yeah, houses were cheap back then but the minimum wage was horrible. When my parents were first married, my dad bought a small house behind his parents’ home. He not only paid cash for it but he paid off his parents’ house. Imagine being able to to do today!

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    1. I can’t even! Daddy had an excellent job. He was their manager. I can only believe he left there because of Mama. He had great friends. Thanks for saying I was a cute kid. I always thought I was homely because of my crooked teeth.


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