The Shifting Night

I think the moon hiccuped or something. I was startled out of sleep at about 2 a.m.

What? Where am I? Is it time to get up? Where are the 4-legged timekeepers?

I couldn’t go back to sleep right away, because now my brain was in gear. It was time to think about blogging ideas. I checked the weather (hot, of course). I checked for email (nobody). I was still too foggy to read and comprehend much.

An hour later I went back to sleep. An hour after that Gizzie announced his presence. Shortly after that I made the snooze cuddle with him. This usually quiets him for a while.

The regular schedule started at 6:00. Coffee, yogurt, “livestock” feeding, bedmaking, hair brushing (gawd), and back to the chair.

I’ve already had the first round of meds. This generally covers the brain scarring, right leg pain, left hand shake, and brings my grouch-o-meter down.

My husband says I’m not grouchy. He has no idea what goes on in my head and I’m not telling him.

What am I doing today? Blogging about family and life, editing the book, reading some, and so forth. Let’s get the day going.

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