Seeking Freedom: A Critique of Liberalism

Having been more nationalist in the past, I’ve since moved more towards liberalism, as I’ve always been more of an individualist anyway, so an ideology that promotes freedom (of speech, religion and bodily autonomy) seems more natural than one which emphasizes a collective. Yet, ‘liberalism’ nowadays has come more to be associated with big government, …

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Stregheria • Italian Witchcraft Tradition

The word “Strega” comes from the Italian “Stregoneria” or “Stregheria” which means “witchcraft”. Currently, Strega researchers believe that Stregheria is more in line with the archaic tradition of witchcraft, and Stregoneria is already witchcraft with strongly Christianized motives for people who want to be witches, but are afraid to be pagans, fearing a curse. Therefore,…Stregheria …

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I went through many relationships like this in my life until now. To be honest, most of the catastrophes were probably due to my overkind and compassionate behaviors. It worked in my work during wars and with the homeless, but I'm wondering to this day if maybe it worked against me in my personal life.