Well, Spit!

In 2018, this is what they got on my DNA so they say:Great Britain49%Ireland/Scotland/Wales35%Scandinavia8%Iberian Peninsula2%Caucasus2% Europe West1%Africa North<1%European Jewish<1%Finland/Northwest Russia<1% I know most won't really care, but it was both a surprise and pretty much understood I might have legitimately crawled out from under a rock.

My Sister is a Gem!

She found boxes of pictures. I had originally asked for one. She's still sending them! I have now cried buckets of tears over the memories she kept. I will thank her forever! Our Grandma Greenwood The Greenwood Girls The Greenwood Trio before a minstrel concert The Greenwood Trio before a performance. Mama's work as a … Continue reading My Sister is a Gem!

Triple Feature

We watched three stupendous films tonight. I'll tell you about them tomorrow. This was my husband's idea of being decadent. Anyone notice weird things happening in association with my account? I'm finding some people that had been followers are refollowing. Is this a thing? Do I need to fix something? Time to hit the rack. … Continue reading Triple Feature

The Effect of Family Friends

The Lisle family and its corporation impacted us from a personal point of view. This happened to very few people. Gong-Gong was a family friend first, I think. She and Edwin Sr's wife Edith Crane Lisle were longtime companions after Ed died in 1936. This friendship started well before we used to call her Aunt … Continue reading The Effect of Family Friends

Some of Daddy’s People

I remember mentioning awhile back that I was a many great grandchild to John Lackland through my grandmother. I neglected to say which grandmother, but it was Daddy's mother. In thinking back, I see it, and the old adage about refraining from naming family characters John should have held true even in my father's generation. … Continue reading Some of Daddy’s People